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Last Will And Testament

You may recognize how important it is to have a Last Will and Testament. Without a legal background, however, it can be a struggle to write one that ensures that your property and assets are transferred correctly. When you work with a qualified legal professional, you can be certain that this document will be well-drafted and valid.

Since 2004, Murray Law Group has helped Hampden County families retain control over the inheritance process and minimize court involvement after a loved one’s passing. Attorney Murray uses her extensive experience in estate planning to design wills that streamline the probate process and limit the opportunity for conflict among beneficiaries.

Helping You Avoid the Headaches Of Will Contests

It is vital to have a well-written will. Judges rely on this document to dictate terms of an inheritance, not verbal testimony. If your will is not accurate or specific, it can lead to a lot of problems in a Massachusetts courthouse.

Some individuals try to save money by completing do-it-yourself-will templates they find online. These forms are generic, not state-specific and may be designed by an individual without a legal background. As a result, these documents may not address your unique family circumstances. Beneficiaries and others can dispute the legitimacy of a will, requiring court intervention.

Attorney Murray customizes wills for each client. She designs documents that address complex family relationships, representing many individuals who have remarried and have blended families. Caroline Murray also updates wills for longtime clients and revises wills written by other attorneys.

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Our firm charges flat-fee rates for most will services, so you know what your legal fees will be before you retain us. We are committed to offering high-quality, cost-effective counsel for all our clients.

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