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By Your Side Throughout The Probate Process

Legal considerations can make it difficult to grieve after a loved one passes. In Massachusetts, certain circumstances require beneficiaries to probate, or “prove,” a will or an estate in court. You may need to resolve matters in probate court when:

  • There is a dispute over the terms in the will.
  • The will is invalid because it was not executed properly.
  • The deceased left no will.
  • Creditors or taxes must be paid.

Depending on your situation, your probate case may remain open for a year. This gives creditors ample time to request and to receive the payments they are owed before the estate proceeds are divided among beneficiaries. For loved ones seeking closure, this is a lengthy period that can be extended by filing or estate administration errors.

We Strive To Resolve Probate Issues Efficiently

Our legal team at Murray Law Group has substantial experience with the probate and estate administration process. We will use our insight to help you navigate these legal procedures correctly so you can conclude matters as quickly as possible.

We represent clients in a range of matters, including:

  • Completing and filing the necessary paperwork to begin the probate process
  • Identifying property and assets in the estate
  • Paying bills and negotiating with creditors
  • Executing the will and transferring assets and property to beneficiaries

In Massachusetts, not all estates need to go through probate. We will examine your loved one’s will, financial records and deeds to determine whether this process is required. We will explore all available options to avoid probate because we understand that this is a difficult time for your family and loved ones.

As your dedicated advocates, we will defend your interests at all times. If you are confused by this process, we will explain all steps to your satisfaction. If you believe that a creditor is misrepresenting the amount owed by the estate, we will challenge this accounting. If you are concerned about misplacing important documents, we will store them in our West Springfield office.

Few lawyers offer this high level of service, but we do because we believe it is the right thing to do.

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